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Can anyone recommend an aluminum free deodorant? Apparently I have been living under a rock, as I am just finding out that it causes breast cancer! Where have I been?

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Do some research. You're fine using your regular deodorant. Nothing has been proven.

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I like Alvera, available on alot of vitamin sites and

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Tom's of Maine

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On 1/11/2015 pas4116 said:

Tom's of Maine

agreed. You can find it anywhere and is around $5. Works great.

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I use Crystal Essence in the pomegranate scent.

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Lately I always check ewg ratings/discussion of ingredients.;;deodorant/

Some recommended are only in health food stores, but there are also good mainstream ones like Almay and Ban.

I would rather stay away from aluminum and several other ingredients they warn against.

I've been happy withKiss MY Face solid deodorant - no bad ingredients and it does the job.

So why stick with aluminum??

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If we responded to every reported scare, we'd all be living in caves and smelling pretty bad.

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Currently I am using Tom of Maine. It is fine for me. At first it was tough giving up antiperspirant but it has been fine. On weekends, I wear no deodorant at all. I am not overly active so I dont find I smell. Although, if I am around other people than I will put some on just in case. I will try other brands when I am finished with the one I have.

I did not switch because of the scare, I am trying to switch to more natural brands where I can. I have been using the other stuff for a lifetime and am fine.

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My friend swears by fresh limes. She just cuts a slice and applies it by lightly rubbing on the armpits. I've tried it and it does work fantastic against underarm odor, but it isn't an antiperspirant. Also, after using a few days my skin started to get irritated from the acid in the lime juice.