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Am I the only one suffering from seasonal allergies right now? The high count of from grass! I can’t avoid grass unless I limit myself to staying indoors. Have not slept for four nights....just nonstop coughing. Poor DH is sleeping on the den. Am taking Claritin as per dr.. does nothing. 

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I take several allergy meds year round including Zyertec and Q Nasl as well as Astelin and two asthma meds. I have been good so far lets hope the continues

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Have you thought about seeing an allergist for testing?  Allergy injections are given over a period of time.


Had it done.  What a relief!  Well worth it! 



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This is the worst year I can ever remember. 

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Lovesrecess, my DD's doctor told me whenever your allegy meds are not working, switch to another. Some work better for indoors, some for outdoors. So for you, I'd switch from Clariton to Alegra...they're both OTC meds.

I use Alegra twice a day (even tho it reads 24hour) as per my doctor and DD's. I also get a lot of relief from the nasal spray Flonase. Your doctor can prescribe Flonase so you don't have to buy it at the high pharmacy OTC prices.

If I feel it may be something more than allergies, like a cold coming on, I use another OTC, Echinacea and Goldenseal Extract Blend 900mg 2 every few hours...knocks all cold symptoms out fast.

Are you sure your cough is allergy, or is itallergy induced Asthma? An asthma inhaler would help you breathe easier and quieter!

I'd call the doctor back and see if you can get another evaluation since this is not getting better, only worse. If it were me, and I was losing sleep,  I'd ask my doctor to be referred to an allergist.

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@lovesrecess  Right now everything is in bloom and, of course, allergies are bothersome. Look around and you'll see not only the grass, but the trees, shrubs, plants, lilacs are especially fragrant this year, and so many more. After such a wet winter, mold is probably in your area.


Begin allergy shots to build up an immunity. It takes time, but certainly has helped my son and grandson over the years. I wouldn't self-medicate with OTC stuff for more than a few weeks. Be safe. Consult your PCP for a referral to an Allergist.

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I take Allegra every day. This year my allergies seem worse than ever. 

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@lovesrecess I've met so many people here in Va who are suffering really badly with allergies.


The kid next door missed two days off from work the other day.  He took something (he didn't even know what it was) his Grandma brought back from El Salvador!  He said it knocked him on his fanny.


He took a variety of over the counter drugs and I saw him yesterday.  He said finally Claritin (sp) worked for him.


I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I'd never had any allergies.  Well, I thought I was going to die (with allergies).


I went to a well known Dr in my area.  The first thing he said to me was (paraphrasing), "Allergies are one of the most difficult things to treat.  Most people get allergies and they never had any trouble at all.  If you aren't going to listen to me, don't come back".  Ha!


He was an 'old-time' Dr and was no-nonsense.  


Long story....short...I didn't go back because there was no way I was going to start getting allergy shots being pregnant.  


This was my first pregnancy.  I'd had several very difficult miscarriages.


Years later I went back (same Dr) and started the shots for 15 years.  They worked.


I no longer have to get shots or take medicine.  The medicine (for allergies) is from behind the counter (stronger).  But I don't take it for allergies.  I take it for severe headaches from a blood problem I have.


Believe it or not.  Within 1 hour of taking the allergy pill it gets rid of the headache totally.


My middle daughter is very sick with allergies.  She never had them when she lived in Va.  Now she lives in Florida and is really suffering.


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Add Robitussin cough syrup.   

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I agree to add OTC cough syrup.


We added an air purifier. We got one large unit and tried it daytime in our main living area and  a few hours before bedtime we move it to the bedroom.