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@LilacTree wrote:

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not intend for us to live as long as some of us are living, and she didn't make sure our teeth would last as long as our bodies!! 


I had my whole upper bridge redone two years ago (out of pocket and, wow, the cost).  Last year I had the bottom done and used CareCredit.  It's a great deal to have no finance charge as long as one pays within a certain amount of time.  I have two more payments to make and I am done.  Finance charges = $0 !!


My car payments end in December, and unfortunately, they made a bundle on me.  So I guess it evens out. 


It will be a relief to have two more debts paid though.

OT...because of this I've been getting fluoride treatments done annually because all of my teeth are my own and they are old like me. My enamel is wearing thin and my dentist advised me to protect what I have left with fluoride. It will prevent tooth decay and make the enamel more durable and resistant to erosion from food. Simply brushing with a fluoride toothpaste is helpful but it is not enough in my case.

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There is another company called Smile Direct, and they don't put those buttons on the teeth because you are bascially on your own with the treatment, as the company sends you trays.  I have heard good and bad with this company, as well as Invisalign.  I want to get this done also, as my teeth have really shifted, so they say the older you get this most likely happens.  Tell us what you decide, my dentist would charge me 5,000.  I am they type that would need my dentist's guidance as I have as of the last couple of years dental phobia, never had it until recently when a bunch of things went wrong in a short amount of time.

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@Abrowneyegirl, I had braces when I was thirty-nine or forty. My bite was off and I had severe migraines. I chose to go metal mouth instead of one of the other methods because my orthodontist felt it would be the most effective for me. It was several thousand dollars and very time consuming to go for adjustments, new brackets, bands, etc. Dental insurance didn't pay anything for braces no matter what. The group plan I have still doesn't pay anything for adults but does pay at least part of the cost for a child to have braces. Mine cost me a lot of time and money not to mention discomfort (sometimes very painful) but it was worth it.