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What You Need to Know on Day One

We’re working hard every day to improve your QVC Community experience, and these enhancements are designed to do just that by providing updated features and options. We hope this makes your QVC Community experience even better. We realize that you might need help navigating these updates at first, so here are a few important points to get you started.

Email Authentication: Our new Community requires every user to validate your QVC Community sign on.  You will need to submit a valid email address to comment on forums or blogs. This step will help us confirm your identity and provide added security in our Community. Once your email has been validated, you will only have to sign on once to enter the community. 

Profile Photo: You now have the option to upload a profile image! Click on your username to go to your profile page and add a custom image. 

My Preferences: Control your own personal settings by clicking on the My Preferences link at the bottom of the community homepage. You can now customize how the community appears to you, control your privacy settings, create and edit bookmarks and more!

Simple Navigation: Get back to a previous page by clicking on the “breadcrumbs” at the top of the page. You can always get back to the Community homepage by clicking Forums & Blogs.

You can also check out our Community FAQs.