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Answers to Your Questions

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Here are the answers to the questions from June 15 posted to us in the Suggestion Box.


How do I change my registered email address:

The ability to edit your email address is now available from your My Settings page. Which is available by placing your mouse pointer over your nickname and then selecting My Settings.


Where is the Edit button?

At the top right of a post, there are three gray dots. If you click on them, a dropdown will include the Edit Message button along with other options available.


How do you switch to last posts first?

On the left side of every page in the forums there is a section titled Quick Links. Under Quick Links click on Edit My Preferences. Then click Topic Layout which is listed below. You can switch from newest or oldest first.


How can I set the font and keep it there?

You are not able to control the font type and keep it.


Where is My Activity?   I can’t find the threads I started?   How can I see all of my recent posts?

You should be able to see all the original posts by clicking on your nickname. We are updating your activity page so you will see original posts and replies, all of your activity.


Where is the Quote button?

After you click to Reply, you will see QUOTE written at the top right of the reply box. Click on it and the comment you want to quote will appear in the reply.


What do hearts mean?

Click the heart to notify the poster that you like their post.


What do tags mean?

Tags are a great way to organize your topics. Other posters can find the topics by searching your tag. For example, create  tags like “tunic” and “Logo” if you want to find topics about these items or have other posters find your topic about them.


How do I use the Spoiler?

When you Reply, click on the Spoiler tag at the top of the comment box along with other options available. If you hover your curser over each icon, it will display what they are. When you click the Spoiler, a gray box will appear and your comment will be hidden unless the reader wants to know what the spoiler is. If they do not click on it, your comment will not be revealed.


Where are Sweepstakes?

When there are sweepstakes available we will be sure to share the link to the sweepstakes page.


Where is the product recommend button? 

This feature is currently not available in the new forums. When writing a review the option is still available.


Thank you for all of the questions. Please continue to share your questions with us by clicking >HERE.


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