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Can anyone compare the scents of Truth vs Honesty?

In the descriptions they both sound like they have green and citrus notes. 

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Now, describing a scent is VERY difficult but I'll try.


I am absolutely obsessed with Truth.  I think it's the best one Chaz did in the Blessing Series.  It's VERY GREEN smelling.  Like, grassy but not piney or woodsy.  It's fresh and clean but NOT antiseptic.  I think it's really pretty.


Okay, Honesty.  This one I like.  There is some cucumber but then it morphs into a sweet smell so that kind of balances it.  The Honesty, I only have the parfume.  I was thinking about the deal Chaz has now the cleansing conditioner with the Body Treatment.  I have it in Truth.  Thinking about getting Honesty.  I do like both but my obsession is Truth.


I'm sure the other Wen girls on here will help.