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Congratulations.......what a blessing! Positive thoughts and prayers headed y'all's way. 


Oh, and, by the way, lovely names. Perfectly unique!

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Oh that is great news!..Prayers for sure...My daughter had quadruplets 6 years ago, 3 girls and a boy at 32 weeks...(my name "quadmimi").....Have fun, 36 weeks is great for the baby's...

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I'm so happy for all of you. I will hold the image of what I want, and that is happy, healthy, precious babies Smiley Very Happy


quadmimi, Thanks for sharing your story too Heart

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Hello, Riley1. Smiley Happy



Congratulations and I hope the babies get better.

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Congratulations! Enjoy those sweet girls. Smiley Happy

Smiley Happy Hilary
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