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DD gave birth today to twin girls: Seraphina James 5.13 oz and Vivienne Reid 6.3 oz. They join big sister Evangeline Grey. Babies born at 36 was, however are in NICU due to breathing issues. Please say a prayer for them - thanks

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Congratulations to you and your family! I love all the names, BTW. They will have their hands full. Prayers your way tonight! HeartHeartHeart

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How exciting!  Congrats!  They will be in my prayers.

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Congratulations!  I bet you're on Cloud 9.  Just think, two little girls to dress.  I never even had one.

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Congratulations on your new granddaughters!  Prayers that  they come home soon.

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Very Best wishes to you and your (increased) family!

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Riley, congratulations!!! Two beautiful little girls!!! I'm sending positive energy to both of them and to your whole family. Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Its great hearing happy news for a change.  Congratulations to you and your growing family.  I too love the names.  

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CONGRATULATIONS!! Wishing you all so much joy and health. My prayers are with you all!

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Wow, how wonderful! Big congratulations!!!Heart