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This is one of my favorite's! When it first came out I really did not like the fragrance, but the performance is amazing. In November I decided to buy 4 of the special's that included the 32 oz. CC and the 4 oz oil for $44.92. So glad I did, have used it 2 time's now and my hair is so soft and moisturized. Has this CC been discontinued? 

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It is no longer fall thus not available. its seasonal

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@Love4cats It has been discontinued, but you can buy it 50% off on chazdean.com.  HTH!

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This is the only 'flavor' of WEN that I really like, and the only one I will buy.


I was on auto delivery and Q cancelled.


They said it is not coming back to Q. Not sure if it is discontinued elsewhere or not.


I did go to the WEN site and bought 4 bottles a week or so ago. Was glad to find it, as I really don't know what I will do when it isn't available anymore.


Love the scent!

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It's one of my favorite seasonal scents too.  I was disappointed that the Q stopped carrying it and I can only assume that since Chaz has all Fall Apple Spice 50% off that it's being discontinued in the salon too.    It's my go to CC when I want to just leave my hair with the natural curl.   I had several 16 oz bottles from 2010 when Chaz did the first Winter TSV with the seasonal sets and FAS was in them. I finally used a bottle the Summer of 2015 and fell in love.  Have purchased so many since then.  Probably need to get a few more items before they all sell out. 


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Oh you should have been hanging here with us way back in Fall 2013 - posters did a lot of complaining about FAS.


it seems that the negative screamed louder than the positive - hence the beginning of the end for FAS.

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Thank you all for your response's. I did check out the sale on Chaz's website. Great Deal's. My Wen budget is stretched to the limit, so I am going to have to skip. I must have 35 bottle's of Wen so I'm good for now. That is, unless I give in and get more FAS!

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Well, I said to heck with my Wen budget and bought 3 more 32 oz FAS on Chaz' website. At $36.00 and free shipping I just could'nt resist. For anyone interested the sale is still on, they still have all three size's.