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Re: Vegas attractions

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Vegas used to be my prefered mileage run destination because it netted me a good chunk of miles and it was fairly cheap. Not so much anymore!


I'm not a gambler and not all that interested in shows so I usually book a day tour out to the Grand Canyon and/or a day trip to the Hoover Dam that includes rafting down the Colorado River thru Black Canyon. There are a number of tour companies that will do pick up and return to hotels along the strip. 


I also try to time a visit to get in at least one Golden Knights game. It's a fabulous game day experience! 


Additionally, if you're a golfer, there's a great Top Golf in Vegas. That's something best experienced with a group. 

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How times have changed!


I used to live there many years ago (1980-1990) and HATED it.  It was much different then.


Headed back this Christmas....first time in 22 years.  We are staying at the Palazzo and I'm really looking forward to it!  Can't wait to see the Sphere!  


Thanks for this thread, it's given me a lot of great suggestions!

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Another vote for Terry Fator and O. Both excellent entertainment.
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Re: Vegas attractions

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I've been to Las Vegas 4 times this year and the Formula 1 construction mess that my husband and I saw and the traffic mess it caused when we were there in June and October would make me NEVER want to visit Las Vegas at all during the Formula 1 Grand Prix which is this upcoming weekend.


Ironically, a lot of shows will be dark this weekend as people would have a difficult time getting to the venues due to the F1 street closures.  And if you do visit Las Vegas this week, get ready to be ripped off transportation wise as taxis will be charging more and a lot of Uber and Lyft drivers stay away.


I stayed at Planet Hollywood during the 3rd week in October and the construction noise was unbearable at times as they are renovating a bar for the Super Bowl and replacing the old carpets and putting in fiber optic cable at the same time so big sections of the casino floor was closed due to those renovations. Ugh.


I feel sorry for the workers on the strip and other Vegas locals who have put up with the F1 traffic and construction for months on end. 

I won't likely visit again until next spring.

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I went for a quick trip just to see U2, got there morning of concert and flew home the next morning.

Yes everything in Las Vegas is crazy expensive now. It's not my kind of place, I've only ever been there three times just to see concerts.

The last time was in 2019, pre pandemic, and it was so much more affordable. They are clearly trying to make up for their covid economic losses.
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Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum,


Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Gardens (in Henderson, Nevada).

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Re: Vegas attractions

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Here's some feedback on the Neon Museum. Been there a several times, during daylight hours and at night. Enjoyed both experiences for different reasons as the museum is historically and photographically interesting. It was less crowded during day but the nights are usually busier with the beautiful neons lit.


Also, we tend to enjoy nature so visits to places not on The Strip outside of Vegas include Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. But as mentioned by others, located closer to The Strip, Ethel M Chocolates cactus garden.