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Customer Service said there was no mention of anti-microbial properties  for odor control in the Vionic TSV footbed.


For anyone who has owned the Vionic Tide sandals, have you ever had issues with foot  odor in these footbeds?  Do they have a plasticky feel or are they comfortable when the weather is hot and sticky?


Thank you so very much for your help!

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I've owned many pairs of Vionic "Tide" and had no problem with stickiness or odor.

They're easy to clean with a babywipe or even a paper towel with a little soap and water.

The sueded footbeds, not so much.

Hope this helps.

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they have an EVA footbed......very easy to clean and there should really be no smells from them. i have submerged mine completely in water before with no issues.

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Have several Vionic tides through the years, never had any odor issues at all. The footbed can be easily be wiped