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IT TSV - May 23, 2023

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A613602 - Bye Bye Undereye Bags Depuff Tighten and Smooth Duo $40.00


A620503 - Auto Delivery 




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Looks like all the skin care companies got a hold of the formula from PTR FirmX. I must say, I have used this and the Dr. Denese version and they truly work. I like Dr. Denese better because you can put make up over it. 

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I couldn't help notice that this "brand new" product had 99 pages of mostly positive reviews. So the reviews are from the IT website, and some have been submitted because the reviewer was sent the product as a promotion.



How should QVC handle these reviews? Maybe some posters here don't care about reviews from other sites, but I would rather see reviews from posters here!



Maybe they could specify "new to QVC" instead of promoting it as brand new everywhere.   Smiley Wink

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@cjm61 - I don't usually go for products like this, but I'm tempted. I don't use any special undereye products, but I'm always looking for the latest and greatest concealer!  Smiley Happy

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I watched the befores and afters and saw absolutely no difference!

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I ordered the Westmore Beauty Eye Effects and really like it. I gently pat Balance and Brighten over it.

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@beach-mom    I pulled this product up to check it out and see there are almost 800 reviews on it. If this is a new item how can there possibly be this many reviews????  Many of the reviews are noted they came from the "It" site.


As usual there are good, bad, and indifferent. 


If I could get a sample and try it for a couple of weeks, I'd be in. Right now for $40+ I'm not at all sure.

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I can't see much difference in the Before/After shots either.,  

Yes, I could use a line smoothing product around my eyes... But I'll wait to see some reviews from people who didn't get it to test for free!  
Did they say how long the effect lasts? Thanks-

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I don’t like reviews from other websites. And where is this product made. For the price it should be made in the US but so many of It cosmetics are made in countries with unfair labor practices.
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I have tried similar products and all of them have left a dry tight feeling which I don't like.  Plus some tend to leave a flaky white residue.  I'm wondering if this product does as well.


I went to read the reviews and was put off a bit by the numerous reviews brought over from the IT site and most claiming to have gotten it for free as a promotion.