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I thought about ordering until I saw the price. I can buy salmon at Costco much cheaper (among other places).  And I will add when I am finished preparing it I am totally satisfied with the taste.  

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@RollTide2008 LOL. I agree. People feel they can buy "salmon" at a local market. Well, there is a major difference in grocery stores, and yes, even Costco's salmon compared to Faroe Island salmon. Look at how pale the salmon is in Costco compared to Faroe Islands. 


I planned to purchase the TSV when I was watching it being presented by some of my favorite hosts. By the time I finished watching my precious 10 month old grandbaby, one of my least favorite hosts was presenting. I have a rule, I will not order anything, even online, when I cannot watch a particular host. 


Someone mentioned they are only $5 more now so I may order it. But, not while this particular host is on now. Maybe tomorrow.


Again, if buying Faroe Island salmon is not within your budget and you are happy with your local market, by all means, save yourself some money and buy local. If you want to try an exceptional piece of fish, and it's in your budget, buy from QVC. There is definitly a difference. 

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This salmon is EXCELLENT and so much better than that sold at Aldi's....  there is absolutely NO COMPARISON.  We actually tried  one sold at Aldi's (not from China...   would never purchase)  and THREW IT OUT ...  it was fishy and inedible. 

These pieces are also CENTER CUT and all about the same size.  They freeze beautifully and cook up so easily.  I'll take what I want out of the freezer early in the day and they are ready to cook for dinner.  The pieces are individually wrapped and so convenient.

I'm still on my original AD so I didn't order the TS this time.  

@hardware mom  put them in your freezer.  Use the spice packet they send you and enjoy them.  You'll probably be surprised how quickly you'll use them up.  

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I just received my order of TSV salmon today.  It was frozen solid! 👍 I took out two filets for dinner to thaw.  The others went right into freezer.  I thought I heard them say the Faroe Islands were off Scotland?  But, now I read in the enclosed literature it is Norway? 

That said....I fixed the salmon ....and I buy/cook a lot of salmon....this was good but I did not get a WOW!  Not much different than I buy from the Seafood Dept of store.

I will reserve judgement until I have fixed more.  Looks like it will be salmon for Lent!  

By far the BEST salmon ever is Copper River Salmon from Alaska.  It comes in around May to June.  If you see it, try it!  YUM! 

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The salmon is the only food I order online.  I usually only eat sockeye because of the flavor.

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Thank you for the feedback that's what I'll do and see what happens.  

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OMG that's exactly what happened to me,,,verbatim!!!  Instead with me, something came up and I'm not going to be home for the delivery.  So, CS told me to call for a refund.  It also CANCEL on the order, which upon clicking says call CS


But, they took down my post here!!!  Maybe because I said that they're going to lose a great customer!!!

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@Flady1   Send an email to including your account # & info on what you need help with.  It's my understanding that they don't want personal info posted here for everyone to see so that's why the sending email to them hopefully will work for you.  Good luck.

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@hardwaremom It’s not only delicious it’s addicting and so good for you! I’m the only one who likes salmon in my house so I’ll be eating all of it. I wish I had double the order like you, because I’ve been enjoying it twice a week. Salmon is excellent for your skin! It’s high in Omegas so it’s heart healthy too! It’s a win win!!
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ALDIs fresh salmon has been frozen and refrozen a dozen times (greatly diminishing any health benefits) and the skin under the salmon is thick and disgusting. Google where it comes from and you’ll never want to eat it again!