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TSV- Underwhelmed

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Denim and Compay Fit and Flare top may be for some but not for me. I think the elbow lace sleeves look aging, I wonder if they are scratchy. Also the extra fabric at the hips is something no woman wants. I thought the idea of fit and flare was to gracefully fall to your knees, as in dresses, not to your hip and crotch.

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I agree. How many lace sleeves is Gary going to do? 

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I'll be glad when this lace-on-sportswear phase has passed.  I don't like lace except on gowns.... ballgown and wedding gowns.  You're right, lace sleeves are old lady wear. 

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I thought the top looked great on Jane but not as good on Courtney.To me it seems to hide hips if that is your trouble spot but emphasize that area if you are slimmer.

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I don't think it's flattering on any of them except maybe the  little model ( kilani ?) in the yellow. I think the sleeve length is kind of off too.

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@Whatnow I actually didn't think it even looked that great on Courtney with those matronly sleeves.

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All the TSV's for D&C have had lace on them. They probably received a bulk rate discount. I think this is not flattering or fashionable.


I think it did not complement Jane's figure. I wonder who designs for D&C. It has become a line that is bargain basement clearance items.

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I don't like the grandma lace and I am a grandma. I wished they would update their clothes line. Most of the stuff my grandma would wear back in the 60s


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Lace on sleeves. Lace on capris. Lace on jackets. ....


NOT a good or updated look at all!


I agree, seems kind of old ladyish or something! And, nothing against older women by the way - just not a big lace fan here on everyday clothing items - this kind or that lovely eyelet that keeps popping up every summer from the year 1 !!

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Is Denim & Co trying to copy LOGO? Please don't! Cannot stand LOGO. Don't care for this lace craze either.