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I am a Denim & Co. junkie, but I must say (as a pleasantly plump person myself), this would not be flattering on me!  It's darling for the skinny ladies, but it makes the larger models look even larger.  I would rather not look like the side of a barn.  I'm passing.

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Let's just say this is unflattering and leave it at that. You have to have no lumps at all and be thin to pull this off. 

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Ya'll talked me out of it. I guess that's a good thing since I'm trying to lose some weight anyway. 

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I think it is very pretty but the length of the sleeves would not work for me. I am petite, they would come over my elbow but not quite 3/4 sleeve. It just would not look right. I'd be fine with the length of the top though. Good price too. Oh well.


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ohmygosh, everyone on QVC looks like they gained 20 lbs.  Jane looks awful as it emphasizes her hippy figure.  She's quite a good sport for letting the world see her looking so bad.  


All the thin women,  tall and short, look very fat. Something is guess is the top is too short.


This flare business is supposed to be well below the thighs.

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I have a few tops with lace but don't want a closet full as I know that the fad for lace will end before the tops wear out. My recent closet purging has made me more thoughtful about buying. (I do like the fabric.)

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Re: TSV- Underwhelmed

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Shorter sleeves and tshirt shape, would be much better.

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Well I like and and bought 4 colors. I am going to try it. I think this is nice looking casual top. 

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@missy1  Now that's a pretty lace top. 

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I read on Facebook last night that Carolyn's adored dog died the night before this TSV. Let's give her a break with comments.  Yesterday must have been a hard day for her.  So sad.