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I don't get the "shame on you QVC" ......

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@Jk9 wrote:

I don't get the "shame on you QVC" ......

Trying to shame/blame QVC for an item they want but don't want to pay the $ they are offering it for.

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Well the host could have said look a SG tunic for under $45?  Would people think oh wow, it's really dollars less at only 38.98?  

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@SoCal Bred We were probably typing at the exact same time.  Great minds think alike.

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It is a sales tactic that used in all business not just QVC.  Houses go on sale for 474,999 because people think they are getting a bargain.  It has been studied in business and most people think that they are getting a bargain if the price is listed as 9.99 or 9.95 instead of 10 dollars. 

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So, free shipping and no tax?

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What a silly phrase "shame on you"! There really isn't anything to be shamed for - QVC isn't being deceptive, and they're advertising the same way other retailers have done for years. I'm 73 and I think I've grown up with that type of advertising!

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@Group 5 minus 1    She re is the shame.  QVC is it the only company who does this?

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In my opinion the sad thing here is the OP's nickname.

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