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pretty sure that this dress will be the TSV for 6/18/2021.....


isaac tsv.jpg

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For those that purchase, enjoy... Smiley Happy

It is a pass for me.

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I have an Isaac shirt in that fabric, same color.  It's very rubbery, similar to D&C Perfect Jersey.  I have it packed to return. 

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I purchased one of his past t-shirt dress TSVs, and had to return it because it was just a bit too short. I hate my knees, so if a dress doesn't come to at least the middle of my knee I won't buy it. This one on Jennifer C. looks too short for me. 

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It's up now. Just search under Today's Special Value.



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I too will not do a dress above my knees because I hate my legs.  This dress is a little over 38" in length in my size so it would come slightly below my knees.


However, I really don't care for any of the prints on this and I wouldn't want a solid.  This is an easy pass. 

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At 5’8 it’s too short for me
Color options are boring!
I just can’t believe that for a TSV there isn’t a better color selection. Otherwise, I may have purchased just for a relax around the house dress.
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Me too! I'm 5'8" & I want a dress to hit at the bottom of my knee. Why are they so hard to find???? I don't want a midi or maxi. Just a Tee shirt dress that will flatter me. I think oly young women can wear the short style. QVC remember your older customers have the money to buy!

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I received an e-mail regarding this TSV and the e-mail says it ships on 7-17. 

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I'm 5'9" and have bought a couple past dresses like these from IM.  I should really give them away as they are too short for my comfort. 


I don't need them knee length, but just a few more inches would make all the difference.