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Early this morning (before 7am EST) I place 3 orders for the TSV - Kim Gravel shorts...none were processed and now they're sold out,  So extremely disappointed.  I was offered a $15 credit - doesn't really make up for it,  Did anyone else have this issue?

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Me too.  I didn't even bother calling and figured I saved some money.  I ordered two sizes because not sure on size.  One size out and one was stilll available.  Think I will pass.


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I ordered mine at 12:04 am. I snagged the camo. My daughter tried to order around 8:00 am and just about everything was sold out. She's on wait-list for one of the denim colors.

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I ordered 3 pair at about 6:30 am on the app.  I got a "thank you for your order" message, but the order didn't show up in my order status, so I tried it again . . .same thing happened.  Thinking there was something wrong with the app, I placed the order for the 3rd time from my laptop -- it still didn't register.


Next, I called customer service.  They told me they were experiencing a computer issue, so I placed the order by phone.  I told the girl I just want to make sure the previous attempted orders DID NOT go through.  She assured me they did not.


Guess what?  I just checked my order status and ALL the orders are showing up.  I'll be getting 12 pair of shorts!!!


What is going on at QVC?

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@Beauty Maven @The exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Strange it was also a Kim Gravel item. I checked and the item did not go through so I ordered it again. Next thing I knew two items showed up on my orders page, instead of one. I got in touch with the social team and was told I would not be charged for returning the second item We'll see.

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Yep, same issue here! I placed an order for the shorts yesterday online pretty early. I got an error message . I logged out, logged back in and there was no pending order, so I reorderd the same items and it went thru like normal.

Surprise! I checked my order status this AM and sure enough there are 2 orders being processed, the original that "disappeared" and the 2nd that took. Ugh....what a PITA!

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Yes! I had the same issue! I placed my order at 6:30 am...around 7:00 pm, I received a message to call qvc back at a 1-888 number regarding my order. I called that number, and it’s not affiliated with qvc!???! I then called the customer service number for qvc, spoke to two reps (neither of whom knew why I was left a message)...after long conversation, I was told they may have been trying to contact me because my item is no longer available, “sold out”....well, it was available when I ordered it 13 hours ago. Ugh
I’m glad you were able to get $15 credit! I’d have been thrilled if they offered that to me after all of the hassle.
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There was another thread about this yesterday that I posted my story. It happened to me several months ago when I ordered a TSV (an Artic Expedition winter coat) and after a couple hours i didn’t receive a confirmation and it didn’t show up in my orders so I call CS and she said it must not have gone through.  So I reordered it, received a confirmation and I thought all was fine.  Well the next morning was a confirmation for the first order that supposedly didn’t go through so I received two winter coats.  I couldn’t cancel one of them so I had to wait for both to come and return one and wait for my refund.  It was a pain but I do love that winter coat!

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This exact thing happened to me with the Kitchen Aid mixer TSV last fall, ordered it online it went thru said order was confirmed and then it disappeared, no confirmation on my online account. I called customer service, she said this happens alot and to not order again or I would have 2 stand mixers delivered. She assured me that if I got a confirmation, the first one went thru. I waited and checked back later in the day and low and behold the order appeared. So glad I did not order again based on me thinking that the first one didn't process. I would have been so annoyed!!! They need to fix this glitch!
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Same thing here, except I did a live chat, the young lady explained they were having order number issues, but would be fixed shortly, I almost reordered.  Sure thing next morning got my normal email thanking me for my order.