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OMG!  Shawn just showed a Before and After and said the After looks like the skin is brighter.  Yes, it is brighter because the Before picture had different lighting.  Such a joke for an expensive gadget!  Easy pass for me.

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I thought the same thing!

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I am passing on this item. It reminds me of the Clarisonic Pro I bought a few years ago and it died after a couple of years (even though I was not using it much). There was no way to change the batteries, it was about $260 (+tax & shipping). I contacted the Clarisonic and they wanted me to buy a new Clarisonic (Mia this time). I went to Kohl's and for $25, I purchased a rotating cleansing brush with replaceable batteries. It works just as well, and I saved a lot of money.

I read the reviews online about the TSV, and they could be much better. Because of the cost and inability to change the batteries, I am not going to purchase the TSV. It is too expensive to take a chance on the item that might die at any moment, and then I will be stuck with another broken gadget.
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@Carol Diane wrote:

I thought the same thing!

@Carol Diane @KatCat1 You’re right. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors. Hard to believe people fall for this.

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I actually purchase the NuFace......

It has been donated to Goodwill.

This machine is a real waste of time and money.

What really is infurating is that the machine could be made to be useful

Shame on Q and Nuface.



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I used NuFace for an hour each time, 3 times a week for way over a year. It was a waste of time. I am almost two weeks out from my neck lift. Now that is a change.
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I 'think' this tool is for muscle tightening right?   not brightness...but anyhoo I've used the facemaster for 20 years every day (okay I missed once in awhile) but I believe it works.     same concept...different delivery tool...   

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@TennisCaptain Just curious.....why did you use NuFace for an hour each time? I thought I heard the rep say you only need to do it five minutes on the face. I will say that was for prior presentations, not today's. But assume the length of time had not changed for this TSV. That is quite a difference....from five minutes a day to one hour.

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I'm a beauty junkie and I would not buy this.  Here is why.  Even if it works, who has the time for it?  Sure, in the beginning maybe, but over time, it would be too annoying.  I have several facial devices and I hardly use them now.  Because I'm lazy and have other things to do.  Sad but true.  I know people who own this type of thing (same brand older model) and they told me, yes it works but I never use it.  Too much money for it to sit in a drawer.

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To do all the sections of face plus neck it takes way more than 5 minutes. It actually probably was more along the lines of 45 min.