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I was so excited about this TSV until I saw the shipping charge! So many places offer free shipping that I refuse to pay so much. Sorry QVC. Please rethink your shipping charges.

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I think it's a great deal, but yes, the shipping is out of control.

I'm still considering the purchase though. I have a set of rectangular Lock & Locks -- I love them! They really come in handy. I like the fact that this TSV is a different shape and has some great colors. The ones I have are clear with clear lids (not purchased from QVC).

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Rubbermaid seal just as well if you ""burp"" the container.

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Shipping is disappointing. However, despite the lower gas prices, I heard that Fedex and UPS have raised corporate shipping rates. It's out of control.

I did order, because I plan to weed out my mongrel sets and the NESTING is so good I hate the tumbled mess in my cupboard. But the shipping cost was mean.

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On 1/7/2015 spud188 said: Zen set???

Does ""zen"" mean round?

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considering they nest together, smaller box

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I ordered the yellow but the shipping is high. I did a check order so I have time to read the reviews and ponder.

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Would love to have this set , but the shipping killed it for me. I wish every TSV - no matter what it is, had free s&h.

I'm just not going to pay this amount for shipping .{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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On 1/7/2015 CWS22 said:

20 bucks for 10 bowls & lids is very reasonable in my opinion. I mean sure you could probably get a set of 10 bowls/lids for less at a dollar store but they wouldn't have a silicone seal in each lid. Or come in this variety of colors. So it's all in what you're looking for. If you want to go rock-bottom cheap, then just use baggies for everything.

And $8 for shipping is not so exorbitant that it would play any role in my decision to buy or not. Most people drop 8 bucks easily day in and day out and don't think about it. On lunch, a can of coffee, Haagen-Dazs, etc.

Your missing the point. Its the fact that QVC raised their S&H three times in 2014 with the last increase during the holiday season. In this day and age most places don't even charge S&H or if you spend a certain amount your not charged. QVC's S&H is outrageous plus they charge S&H for ever single item that you buy even if its three of the same thing in different colors. Charging $8.00 S&H for the TSV which is equal to 1/2 of price of the item is outrageous. S&H is a "profit" center for QVC and I'm certainly not going to continue to feed their greed!!!! I would rather put the $8.00 toward something else where I actually get something in return.

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I only use glass food storage items. Plastic worries me, especially if they are made outside of the USA.