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I purchase a few Denim and Co items, such as the studio TSV jeans and the cold shoulder top, which by the way is made from a wonderful material.  But I also stand in my opinion that many of this brands items are dowdy looking in my humble opinion.  I mean no disrespect to any of you ladies, and maybe on you the items I consider dowdy look great on you.  On me they would look dowdy.  Sorry if I unintentionally offended anyone.

You didn't do snything wrong........just expressing your opinion.


And I soooooooo agree about D&C clothes.....DOWDY

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@TeddixatWhat you and I agree about is that there are lots of pretty pieces of clothing that make sense, but they make sense for different people at different times.


I think one of the best ways to feel good in our clothes is to know what fits our lives as well as our bodies -  and it's often not what someone else tells us works into their lives or their wardrobes.

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No thanks. passing it on by....