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Lisa Rhinna TSV

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Love this top.  The colors, style and price ! I ordered the lilac.  Great top to go out to dinner, lunches with friends and church. Very stylish and sophisticated chic


I always look forward to Lisa Rinna's fashions; chic and not dowdy like most of the fashions on QVC.  Not Denim and Co! LOL.

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No thanks, I'll pass...

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I'm not a fan of the super hero cape in the back.

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I like nothing asymmetrical on one side.

"friends don't let friends drink white zinfandel"
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Not for me.  For all of you who ordered it enjoy!

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I am also going to order it... I like her styles - not so much her pants, but I have a few of her tops and will be ordering this one today.  I am leaning toward the pink...

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AS I said on another thread -  that TSV top looks great on almost everyone and the colors are wonderful. 


Any thoughts on whether that back V will expose a bra?   I'd love to have that pink.

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@millieshops   On an earlier presentation this a.m., they said it would not show your bra,

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@Blk&GoldFanThank you.  I kept watching and listening last night -  couldn't believe neither Amy nor Lisa mentioned that -  and I know I'm not the only woman in the audience who can't go braless without offending the world around them.  -  Millie



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The back just is not for me.  If the top would have been exactly as is but left out the back I would buy 3 of them.  But for those that purchase, it is very pretty and her fit is usually spot on.  Enjoy.