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I hate the fabric so it's a no go for me.  I really will be glad when the designers get over the rayon/spandex fabric.  It just doesn't have any structure and clings to things I don't want it clinging to.  QVC sells a lot of LOGO and I typically don't watch those shows.


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I've converted a sizeable portion of my wardrobe tops to LOGO - don't do any of the bottoms, shoes, or jewelry.  I like the layering and the embelishments.  They're different and not something you see everyone else in.  Some of the garments are a little "out there" at times and the prices can get ridiculous on some things too but buying on sale and taking advantage of TSV's, Easy Pays, eBay can work if you manage it right.  I've actually got a LOGO top on right now (just one) and am very comfortable in it yet felt presentable when I had to go out on a sudden errand this morning.  I bought the TSV on the presale in two colors and they're both beautiful.

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@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

They're different and not something you see everyone else in. 


This is exactly what I was thinking today, JeanLouise. For all of the folks who write, "I never see anyone wearing LOGO style clothing," for me, that's precisely the point. I don't want to look, and dress and blend in like everyone else. I wear LOGO because it's unique and different and fun. I don't exist to make others happy. Life is too short and there are too many tragic, painful things going on in the world to be so petty as to pick apart someone else's clothing choices. Live, and let live, wear, and let wear. Smiley Happy

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I love LOGO. Half of my wardrobe is LOGO.  I will admit I think it's a little spendy, but I buy it anyway.  I record shows when I am not home and watch them and shop later in the day. I generally buy a few pieces every week.  

If those of you who think her line is overrated and expensive, no one is forcing you to buy.  

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Between the hair and the clothes, she looks like she should have a tin cup! Really looks like a bag lady and her clothes go right along with her! I absolutely can not believe that people actually pay money for that trash! I know everyone to their own taste,but goodness me she has pulled the wool over a lot of people's eyes and is laughing all the way to the bank. I feel very sorry for the hosts and the models that have to even put it on!

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If the designer and the models don't look good in the clothing, the odds are I won't either.

To me, all these tops are just sacks and they all look alike. It's  a misconception that oversized clothing makes you look slim or hides weight.  They make you look bigger.

No thanks but to those who like this clothing - enjoy.

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I've yet to see anyone of any size or any age look good in LOGO. It makes heavy women look heavier than they are and small women look overwhelmed in formless fabric. If a woman really wants to cover/hide/minimize her backside, you'd think the last thing she'd do is wear a top that uses loud color, busy patterns, and extra layering at the widest part of her body.  I'm dating myself here, but the whole line makes me think of that "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy and Ethel convinced themselves that wearing burlap bags was the height of French fashion...everyone was in on the joke but them.

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 I don't care for her regular rayon/span for all the above mentionned reasons.  However, I have one of her top sets that is extra thick rayon/span which is wonderful! I bought it in 3 colors.  It doesn't show bumps and lumps and doesn't pill with washing. I really wish she would use this thicker rayon/span instead!  I'd buy those tops in a second.  Hoping Logo reads this post!

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I like Lori as a person but just don't  understand her style.    The neighborhood I live in is located in a very large fashion conscious city and although I am a senior the area is primarily full of young people who are very style conscious..   I have never seen anyone wearing her style of fashion and am just wondering who the audience is for her clothjng?   

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Loving Logo - most of all feel like I am being good to myself! And my husband always compliments me when I get logified- lol. Also I just went to a mall which I have not done in abt a year and lots and lots of Logo wantabees for sale