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Has anyone that ordered the HP 15 or 17 inch computer when it was TSV March 15th received it? Tracking shows mine stuck in costums since April 1 and no updates since.

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I was told mine would receive mine on April 7, which is tomorrow.  No sign of it shipping.  What is the hold up!!  I specifically ordered it since I'm now working from home probably until at least end of April or May.....When I ordered it on March 15 there was no indication of such a prolonged wait.

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I have not received my computer yet either!  Was originally supposed to be  here on March 30th and then April 6th. 

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I have not gotten mine either. It is now April 24th.  I have gotten a couple of emails about delayed shipping. Last one April 17th saying it will ship no later than April 24th. Got no email confirming of shipping. This is terrible customer service.  This was a TSV that said in stock and available when presented.  The Covid 19 situation had already started.  I hvae called a couple of times and habe not been given any reason WHY it is delayed.  Rick said nothing about advanced order or delayed shipping.  Not a happy camper.

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I ordered the 17 inch on March 15th and haven't heard a word since.  It says delivery by April 7 and it's now April 28.  Last week, the status changed to 'processing' but not shipped yet and no tracking.  It would be nice to have some confirmation by email or be able to check with a live person.  I'm beginning to lose faith in QVC.