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Althought living in south Florida, I occasionally wear long pants. The current D&C stretch pair I have are now are too big due to weight loss. I really am in the market for something like these...but no! I'll date myself but I got over pants and shorts with holes, fringe and patches; along with hot pants and go-go boots in the 60' and 70's. I don't feel the need to revisit anything that looks remotely 'distressed'.


I still have one pair of heavy denim with a traditional zip front. The problem with these is the extra bulk that the zipper adds. I will keep looking for something under $50.

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The "rip and repair" feature is a easy pass for me. It doesn't even look very welI-done from what I could see on the website. don't like any of the ripped, distressed, or frayed looks on jeans I wear. At my age, I think they look silly, like I am trying too hard. I have plenty of jeans and it seems that almost any style, finish, wash, or color is appropriate now. The only no-no for sure are " mom" jeans. 

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My order status now lists the Jeans as Advanced Order.  I did not hear any of the host say it was on Advanced Order, but I haven't seen every presentation.  Did anyone hear them mention this?

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I don't mind distressed jeans, but a lot of folks seem to have missed that only two of the colors offered, are this style. 

no holes in the others 

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Did anyone hear what size Sandra and/or Jennifer is wearing?


That could help me make a decision.  

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The product page says that they are available to ship 9/12.  So, yes, they are an advance order until tomorrow!

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@SouthernFried wrote:

The product page says that they are available to ship 9/12.  So, yes, they are an advance order until tomorrow!

@SouthernFried - thanks! I didn't notice it.

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@Carolina925 wrote:

They're just a bit too fitting for me. Gary said nobody wants baggy jeans, I don't need them to be baggy but I don't want them that fitting either. Also not a fan of pull-on pants. I'm guessing most ladies want these skin tight pants, just not me.

I feel the same way.  I like a slim cut but don't like when they are skinny jeans or leggings. 


I went over the measurements and in my size the knees were just too tight.  I'm knock kneed and my knees are awful.  I don't want my jeans to be so tight that the fabric outlines them. 


I like my jeans to skim over my legs while still a slim cut.  The TSV jeans may work well for some but everyone is built differently.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@chrystaltree    @JustaShopper   From what venue would you broadcast a Southwest show?  The Empire State Building?  I think its a clever change of pace.  I love it


@Kachina624 When I heard Gary say he was going on location for the tsv I expected him to travel to somewhere in NM.  I was very surprised when he said they were in No Ca. It looked like a nice place.


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Just another stretchy rubbery jean...yuk