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Re: Cleaning out my Temp tations

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Most friends and family members said their Temptations they purchased quickly crazed and many said theirs split in 1/2 in the oven with what a mess to clean out afterwards along with loads of oven cooked very hot food.


They all  had no choice but to trash all of them for fear of even more crazing and oven breakage.


What a waste of so much purchase funds.


Now they are happy using Corningware and Fiestaware which they all had, and that stuff has lasted for many decades with very heavy usage. They use them in their ovens, convection ovens, freezers and refrigerators,  and have many serving pieces which they also use .


They all remarked that their Temp-tations everything was a very expensive financial disaster lesson in what not to buy again, and I remarked I buy for stability and years of recommended safe utilization, and not for so called pretty colorful ceramic patterns.



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Re: Cleaning out my Temp tations

I have several TT sets, but stored my Corningware and Pyrex just in case.  My TT was purchased several years ago and I stopped ordering when the quality went way down.  Re: the lids--the original ones didn't fit at all.  At one point they offered a separate purchase of some lids that were "improved."  I ordered them and they weren't any better.  I see the newer ones in the demo and they always fit so well.  I wonder if they do when you get them home?  I had one square dish that seemed to craze so I tossed it, but have never had any break in the oven.  No plans to order more though.  Getting so I don't like such "busy looking" pieces and don't want to have any items crack in the oven.  The last time I ordered they were of lower quality--thinner and painting was awful.  Returned.  (that was over 6 years ago)                         Someone posted with all the changes at the Q they think TT will be gone soon.  I think it sells too well for that.  However, we don't know how many are returned.  Time will tell.

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Re: Cleaning out my Temp tations

Thank you for the reminder! I have two Temptations casseroles left, and I need to get rid of them since I haven't used them for years. I love my Pyrex, Corning Ware and Corelle - always have trusted them through the years, and have never had any breakage. BTW - I had an email from them today and their site has a 20% off sale on some of thei sets. Their shipping is almost immediate.

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Re: Cleaning out my Temp tations

Dumped all the ones that went into the oven due to quality.  Kept only some of the ones that do not take heat, but not a fan of TempTations due to the excessive weight.  Get the sense that many of Tara's new designs are only around until stock is sold out. Many new designs are put on "one-day only" special price so it is hectic to sell out; and lots of times that product never comes back. This keeps DV's good friend returning with different TempTations desgns!

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Re: Cleaning out my Temp tations

Honestly, I don't even want to give mine to Goodwill - I don't want to give something potentially dangerous (breakage) to another person.  I use them to display.  Never heat in them or put them in the freezer.  They do fine in the dishwasher but that's it for me.

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I bought the set K47929, Old World Blue Nesting Glass Storage Set to match all my other pieces.  I put all the pieces in the dishwasher before using, all was good.  Today, the 2nd time it has been in the dishwasher, I almost cried.  The design on the middle size bowl had turned a faded light denium color  with a lot of white showing. I have loved all my Old World and Floral Lace in Blue.  I don't advise to putting the glass, painted pieces in the dishwasher. Can't send back because box is gone but, I always try to keep my packing slip.  Thank goodness only one piece was ruined.  It was beautiful as a serving/storage piece.

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Re: Cleaning out my Temp tations

@peppermint patty wrote:

Spent today cleaning out my cupboards to get rid of the last TSV from Temp tations. I knew I shouldn't have ordered it! I started years ago with Old World Green and just loved it. Then the quality started going down and some of my Christmas sets started crazing, even though I only used them one Christmas. I got tired of having to return so much so I just decided to stop buying. I weakened when Tara came out with Floral Lace and I fell in love with it in the green. Ordered a few pieces, mostly bowls for mixing and storing cold salads. I was very happy! I then ordered the big set in green and got it ready to use, but after reading all the complaints about breakage, I am afraid to use them. I went back to using my Corelle that I have had for about 40 years. It still looks great, has a fruit pattern and the lids FIT! I can still order plastic lids and I can fix, cook and store without worrying about them cracking. They have no crazing or cracks even after all these years of use. I will keep my green bowls for cold stuff but will not buy anymore baking pieces. I just don't need the aggravation. I wrote some bad reviews in the past and I really complained about those lids! What good are they if they DON'T FIT! I can't see any improvement .  In fact I think they are worse. QVC should be more responsible for the quality of the vendors featured. They have had plenty of complaints over the years about the quality of Temptations and could have asked Tara to up her quality. But I don't see any improvement.  I often wonder on the presentation on TV how many sets and plastic lids they go through to get a good fit to show. Now I don't know what to do with this set. I don't want to pass it on to someone else knowing it could crack. Don't want to store it either. Really a shame! It could have been a great thing if someone cared enough to put some quality in it.


Old World Green was what I started with, too.  I still have a few pieces, and use them a lot...but the assorted Temptations baking dishes in more outlandish colors that started to discolor and craze?


I use them for storing cosmetics.  They look cute that way.  Or even craft items.  The odd floral pieces that are still nice make good fruit bowls or chips/bread servers.  I hate tossing attractive stuff!