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'Gabriel' continues to worm his way in between Chelsea and Billy ... Worried about Phyllis (who isn't quite right), Jack gets Dr Cutler's number from Victor .... Vikki plans to revamp Brash n Sassy... The investigation continues into who beat Dylan up.

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That was really stupid of Gabe/Adam to hand that little baby that red car! I guess he'll say he just 'found' it.

Billy's already suspicious of him, so is Nick. I wonder how long they'll drag this out.

In one of my soap magazines (I think maybe Soap Digest) they asked the question something like, "How stupid do these writers think we are? Like the way Adam supposedly grew and no one noticed, or it's Gabriel and has Adam's voice".

They also mentioned similar about Billy Miller and his face lift over on General Hospital.

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I am waiting for them to explain how the baby has blue eyes and Chelsea and "Adam/Gabriel" both have brown...not just brown, but really dark brown??

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jarhead, that's funny. They get away with it because someone like me never noticed it! Ha! I'm too busy watching them talk to Gabriel, looking up to talk to him (and he being Adam). I can't wait for the reveal.

I never understood all of the eye color stuff (I must have missed that part. I skipped my junior year of high school).

I guess when you watch a soap you just learn to go with the flow. I say to myself, "Come on Annabelle. Get with the program. Remember some of the really strange story lines on past soaps?" {#emotions_dlg.laugh}