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Ok, we are about to suffer another very long droughtlander with the last episode tomorrow. What do you think the cliff hanger will be? And where do you think Bree, Jemmy and Roger wound up?
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I have been loving this season! I can't imagine where Bree and Roger ended up, but I'm dying to know.

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I think Lionel, the guy who broke Claire's only syringe, is going to be making major trouble for Claire.  The cliffhanger will be something drastic happening to her.

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I quit.  The everyday issues were too much.





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I haven't read the books but wondered if the young family ended up on Fraser's Ridge since Bree is pregnant. Their time travel failed and they can't travel again until after second baby is born. Baby boy looked like he recognized someone, which made me think they were still on Fraser's Ridge. I forget how intricate the storylines are. A friend mentioned Jaimie's ghost looking at Claire in 1945 and Frank noticing the ghost, which vanished. Could it be that Jaime couldn't time travel, but his ghost could? Should be a good show tomorrow night. 



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I have no idea but agree somewhat with what others have said, Claire always ends up in such dramatic situations and yes, most likely Bree is not able to time travel and is still at Frasiers Ridge.   It will be an awfully long wait for the next season though, I liked "droughtlander", that made me laugh Smiley Happy   Enjoy the final show girls !! 


BTW, has anyone watched the White Princess series?  I'm looking for something else to start.  Also the Last Kingdom is awesome if anyone is interested to help you through.

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"The Spanish Princess"was good but only eight episodes.

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I've watched every episode of Outlander from the very beginning. I miss it already even though this season was not my favorite. I still prefer the Scottish locales, but even when Outlander is bad it's still very good. My only criticism is that all the main characters seem to have gone through brutally violent rapes. I know that happens in the books too but Sunday's episode was almost as hard to watch as the episode where Jamie was raped.

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Season 2 in the fall of Spanish Princess!
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I really enjoyed White Princess and Spanish Princess. I think there is another but I can’t recall Black
Sails is good too.