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I just rediscovered this. 

After the original John Nettles left, I just couldn't like the new Neil Dudgeon, and his wife as much.

But I'm watching the new series now and I think he's improved. More emotion and not that continual smirk. He seems more invested in it all.

It was my one of my favorite series, that and Endeavor and many other of the great British mystery/detective series. So giving it another try-season 23! 

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We love Midsomer and thought we had seen them all but discovered recently some early ones we missed!  I will try season 23 - thanks!

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Love this show.  It took me a minute to get use to Neil Dudgeon, but he grew on me.  I found myself liking his slightly sarcastic manner.  Also, he definitely makes for a better husband and father, when compared to John Nettles' character who made it clear that his family was secondary.

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That's one of my favorite shows.  I like that with cast changes, the show doesn't lose it's heart and character.