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I know the newest episode of this series was on a few weeks ago but I just now watched it.  


For those of you who watched it, what did you think of the new format?  I always loved this series but was very disappointed with this one.    So many things have changed.  First off they never explained why the previous police detective moved to LA and they never really explained why Blessings Restaurant was closed.  She just made the comment that they had lost their chef and she wanted to focus on her career with her TV show.


I always liked Rick Fox and I thought that he and Holly Robinson Peete had great chemistry together.  I'm not really fond of this new detective and I didn't care for the second detective at all.  He just didn't fit into the role very well.


I liked seeing the show revolve around the restaurant and I always enjoyed the banter between her aunt and the chef.  I even miss Feather, the chef's dog.  


It just felt like the show has lost it's direction.  I don't know why they changed the entire make-up of this show but I think it was a big mistake.  So much of the magic is gone.

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I fell asleep during the show. It didn't hold my attention. 

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I like Morning Show Mysteries and didn't mind the new format.  I think it opens up more story lines for Billie.  I never cared for Rick Fox but do like the new detective, the jury is still out on the second one.  I'mlooking forward to the next episode. 

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I couldn't get into it. I don't like the new detective, his voice grates on my nerves.  I liked her chemistry with Rick Fox.

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I like Morning Show Mysteries and didn't mind the new format.  I was a little surprised by it though.  I never liked Rick Fox but did like the new detective.

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This show is based on a book(s) by Al Roker. 

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I was never a fan of the Morning Show series. They were slow and boring, imo. Rick Fox is not an actor by any means. 


The new format didn't bother me and I think the new detective is trying to prove himself and take charge. 


Regarding the former detective moving, I thought I heard Billie say it was because he wanted to be closer to his daughter or family? 

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The movies are ok IMO.  Not must see tv but if there is nothing else on.  The guy who plays the new detective also plays Preacher in Virgin River I believe.  I do like him.