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@NickNack  We do get two Hallmark channels. Was the one that you saw about an actor in a mystery theatre?


@SXMGirl   No, it was called Heist and Seek.  Someone posted it above.  It was about a heist at a museum.

@NickNack  Season 1 episode #13



@mspatmac   It's not Season 1, though, because this has been on for years.  This is a movie series and there are about three or four a year.

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We are big Hallmark movie watchers.  It’s always the same actors reshuffled and with predictable storylines, but we don’t care. We haven’t gotten into any of the series and now I’m sort of sorry about that.

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I watched Heist and Seek last night and enjoyed it except I knew from the very beginning who the murderer was because he gave a major clue about himself right away so I figured he was the one. Too easy, which spoiled the mystery of the film but it was cute. Although it was a little disappointing to that Ro wasn't surprised at the proposal because she'd seen the little black box all week. Maybe I should write them a better script! 😄
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They will be on a tight schedule @Alter Ego if they are to film new Christmas movies. I remember some of the behind the scenes clips which stated they were filming in the summer last year.

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@World Traveler 


I thought they were showing Christmas movies now and again during the summer.  Maybe I'm imagining it.


I have become a fan of "Hallmark Land" as I call it.  Asked my husband if we could move there Cat LOL


They are safe.  Nothing evil, vulgar or explicit.  Always a happy ending Cat Happy


I get enough realism in every day life.