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I didn't see a thread, so thought I would start one! I really enjoyed last night's show, and wow the double elimination! I thought there would be one coming up, since the one week no-one was eliminated


......I think the 2 that were sent home, were the right 2 for this week. I think next two weeks it will be Terrell and Drew leaving......They may even have another double elimination, because this season ends before Thanksgiving. 


Then I think it is not back on again until March 2018...I loved Jordan's dance, and Frankie's and Lindsey's.....I think those are the top 3.......Loved the group dances as well, especially the 2nd group!

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I am a D W T S  addict and really did enjoy the show last night.   I , and the judges I believe, did not agree with the elimination choices.  But it has to do a lot with the  call- in votes, which don't necessarily match up to the contestants skills.

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I don't necessarily agree with the elimination based on skill, but I'm not sorry to see Maks go--his attitude turns me off.  And he used to be my favorite pro!

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I didn't agree with last night's eliminations at all.  I think Drew needs to go.  I hope his fan base doesn't get him into the finals.  The top three should be Jordan, Lindsay and Frankie.

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I was so surprised when they had a double elimination.  I'm not sorry to see Vanessa go.  Nikki makes a lot of mistakes.  Drew definitely needs to go next. 


Jordan and Lindsey are my two favorites.  I'd be happy with either of them winning.  I honestly have no idea how Lindsey performed last night.  You could just see the pain on her face.  I hope she'll be able to continue. 

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I hope Drew goes next, he's sooo in love with himself he's hard to watch IMO. I'm glad Lindsey made it through the pain & hope she's feeling better soon. She's one i really enjoy, but Frankie is still my fave!

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I also enjoy the show. It's hard to watch though when dancers are kept on just for who they are and not their ability.  I could see Carrie look a little  or should I say very angry last night after the the double elimination. 

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The choreography has really raised the bar this year. Of course, I think Mark is the most innovative and challenging in his routines. I don't know many of the contestants, but I am enjoying the dancing this season.

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I thought Terrill would have been gone long before Vanessa. She was not my favorite, Jordan is, but she was still better than him. Cleaning the dance floor of the Lachey's.

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I have a question for those of you who know the show. Was it announced before the that it would be a double elimination? Everyone looked so shocked. Or was it because the two ladies eliminated had exactly the same lowest score and that is why they both went and no one knew that was going to happen? Anyone know.