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Watched it last night.  

Scared the holy cr*p out of me.

Could not sleep thinking about it.  😱

Do not watch it, if you are scared of the Covid-19 virus.  








~Covid-19 virus. Act like you have it, even if you don’t, to protect other people. Please wear a mask, and practice social distancing.~ 😷🇺🇸







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Saw it last week; amazing how current it seems!

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@EatWell Now go read "The Hot Zone."

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@EatWell Outbreak is an older movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Renee Russo that is a similar topic. Both movies are eye openers!

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I saw both of these movies when they originally came out. 


All scientists and medical officials know the potential dangers of diseases.


The general public needs to educate itself much more.


It is kind of sad that a movie about a virus can become almost like reality.


Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say.

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Yes, and lessons never learned about how we need to keep them out of the country.  

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@Foxxee   Right on - the lessons are out there, have been for eons. We see them and think they're fictional in the movies and maybe in some novels. We humans are a stupid group, we slough things off like this. We never believe things like these can happen. I am not touting religion, but let's face it read pieces of the Bible, the same or similar plague-like conditions have been and are currently happening in our world today. We are just too naive and stupid to believe them.

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@Sooner I read that book long time ago.  Sure was interesting and scary.  

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@Infinite Mom 47 wrote:

@Sooner I read that book long time ago.  Sure was interesting and scary.  

@Infinite Mom 47 LOL!  Yes.  Scary.  And not easily forgotten!  Whoever wrote that did a bang-up job for sure. 

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Anyone remember The Andromeda Strain? Smiley Surprised

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