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Bull has been cancelled.last episode will be may.Michael weatherly has decided to quit the show to pursue other options.he stated the MAY finale will  be a blockbuster ending.

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Interesting.  I love the show.  I did read an article that there was a reason some of the cast left.  Something about harrassment.  Not sure any of it was true.  I will watch it to the end however.  

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Michael W. was accused of terrible harassment charges by a former cast member. It caused her to lose her job and CBS settled with the actress for millions of dollars. 

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It lost something when Benny left, and now with Marissa gone, it's just not that good. Seems like they are grasping at straws for new storylines. I'll watch until the end but this is no surprise at all. And Weatherly's reputation didn't help.

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I decided not to watch this season. I became bored with it. I do/did Iove  the cast.

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Well, I guess that was inevitable but I’m still sad to see it go. I’ve always loved a good courtroom drama and I’ve always been a fan of Weatherly (handsome devil). Not only has “Bull” gone downhill but I feel like “NCIS” has been on a slow decline since he left the series.

Too bad...



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Well I hope he comes back with something great.  Bull was about the only show I like to watch.  I don't think it has lost much with the cast departures.  I think the others are doing a good job.  

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I think with Benny gone and Marissa leaving the firm, it was doomed. No surprise that this series was cancelled. 

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I was never that crazy about the show but had watched it from the beginning. I haven't watched this season, no more Benny no more me. 

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I thought it might be cancelled. Told Hubbs a few days ago.