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America's Most Wanted Reboot

AMW Reboot begins tonight MAR 15 on FOX at 9:00 Eastern (now) if anybody is interested.

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Re: America's Most Wanted Reboot

@Icegoddess  Darn it!!!!  I forgot all about it.  Will catch it On Demand tomorrow morning during breakfast.


John Walsh is not the host.  Elizabeth Vargas is.


AMW was da bomb when JW was the host/eye candy.  I was always glued to the tv when the show was on.  Never missed an episode.  I was always looking around especially at my neighbors to see if I "recognized" any of the "most wanted."

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Re: America's Most Wanted Reboot

Loved the original show. Agree with @Mz iMac always looking to see if recognize anyone. Not sure if I'm interested now. Will wait to see reviews.