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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

I still have to watch Rebel from this week, or maybe not !!!

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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

I love the Rookie, so happy it will stay around, another year!


I didn't watch the rest of the cancelled/ renewed list.

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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

Wow, I liked all the cancelled shows, esp. "Mixish:" Cute family, and fun seeing those '80s fashions.

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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

I watch "Black-ish and "The Rookie",  it will be nice to see them again next season. 


I just could not connect with the "Conner" flamily this time. 

I watched "Mix-ish" a few times. 


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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

I like Rookie.  There aren't a lot of shows on the 'regular' channels I like.


In retrospect, as I start thinking about my favorite shows; there are probably more than I initially thought.  


My absolute show is Navy Shields.  I also like all of the Chicago shows.


I used to like Blackish more.  I'm not necessarily talking about that show in particular when I agree with some of you who said I get tired at being preached at.


I like myself.  I think I'm a pretty good most, could stand a correction or two...but not by some TV show.



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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

I've never seen any of these shows.

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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

[ Edited ]

I'm totally surprised that Rebel is cancelled. I thought the show was popular. I love the show. Maybe viewers don't know about Erin Brockovitch or Katey Sagal.  Show had so much potential with so many characters. 

Im very glad they saved The Rookie and The Conners. The Conners is hysterically funny. 

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Re: ABC Cancellations and Renewals

@Alter Ego wrote:

The Goldberg’s just aren’t as good anymore and ending as Adam was graduating high school would have made sense. But, yet it continues…I guess Adam will end up at the same college as his brother and sister as he surely can’t go to NYU or whatever the film school is that he wants to go. (I’ll still watch LOL)

@Alter Ego - I doubt if they will stray too far from what happened to the real family, since Adam Goldberg is the EP. The character of Erica is based on Adam's oldest brother Eric. Since they changed it, they can take more license with "Erica." We found out in Schooled, which takes place in "the 90's" that Erica is married to Jeff, who is a doctor in Virginia. I really miss Schooled and was disappointed when it was canceled.



Adam went to NYU and majored in Film and Dramatic Writing. It will be interesting to see how the show goes forward, knowing this.



Both of his brothers, Eric and Barry, are doctors in the Philadelphia area. Barry actually did go to the University of Pennsylvania. 


I really enjoy this show!   Smiley Happy