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@aubnwa01 wrote:

Did Caleb ever even try to lose weight so he could get out of the rehab place & live with Tammy as a married man?  I don't recall him even trying, I think he rather enjoyed being in there & having the folks in the care home waiting on him. 


I think if Tammy hadn't put in the effort to get the WL surgery & lose weight, she'd have also been dead by 40.

He lost over 200 pounds during the time he was in the facility.

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I don't believe he did try to lose weight at all and i think Tammy tried her best to encourage him to do so,he didn't and she left him.


I did enjoy seeing Caleb on the show and feel sad that he passed away  as they said he had many health issues.

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I never watched a show like that.  I'd see the ads though.  HOW GROSS.  Sorry but adipose tissue, fat, flab, bad teeth are not amusing or entertaining to ever look at.  They didn't look human.  

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not making excuses for Amy, but she is legally blind and raising 2 small children, so she doesn't have it easy.She may not see some of the dirt others do. No reason to have dirty dishes/laundry though. Motivation is lacking, in both women.


I don't see michael stepping up to help in any way, shape or form.

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I don't follow the show so I didn't know Tammy's husband died.  Nor did I know they were separated.  Apparently this happened a while ago?