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please let us sign in ONCE per day, and keep us signed in unless we opt out. I have to sign in to access my order status, and then if I want to  post a review or a comment, I have to sign in again even though I haven't signed out. 


too many steps to keep signed in! 

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@knittykitty  I don't or rarely have to sign in for either.

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I have trouble signing in a lot.

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My sign in problems ended quite a while ago.


If I sign in to the forums first, I'm signed in to all other areas of the website. If I sign in to QVC first, I have to sign in again if I want to access the forums.

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Since I was forced to add Edge to Internet explorer - I never have to sign in - and when buying from a website..... (like L L Bean.....) all my info  comes up, and if I agree it's correct - I hit the Enter Key and it auto fills in my name/address/etc.

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I investigated fraud for 20 years. I'm glad I have to keep signing in and out. It is much safer.