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"I wish the vendors would move on from "White Soles."

I never bought any didn't like them from the beginning.  I think some of the shoes would look so much better without those white soles.

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I agree too.  I returned a pair of Vionic suede shoes. They were dark olive and very comfortable but I couldn't get past that white lug bottom.  

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And also the thick soles, really don't like them.  I am a shoe fanatic and for the first time in my life I have bought very few shoes in the past couple years beause of the thick soles.  I have sent several back because they are thicker than they looked in the catalogs and I was hoping, but to no avail.

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I'm also in the hate white soles group.

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Coount me in too .. don't like them ....

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Re: White Soles

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There is a lot of pressure from the manufacturers on cost, because if they have just one color they don't have to inventory so many sets of soles.  5 sizes of a shoe would have 5 sets of soles.  Add black, tan, white and suddenly they have to stock 15 sets of soles for manufacturing.


Then trying to guess how many they're going to sell of each size and color, they could end up with a lot of obsolete inventory and we the customer pay higher prices for it. This is how the manufacturers think, they could care less about style.  And yes, I hate white soles too!!

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Agreed 1000000%  Boots with white soles, sneakers with white soles - anything with white soles unless the shoes, boots, sneakers are white look insanely ridiculous!!!!


Why oh why do they do this??????????????????????????

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The only ones I buy are black with black soles. Would buy more shoes if the soles matched the shoes.

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So if it's a cost factor I vote that they make all the soles black instead of white...still one color so lower cost and much more attractive.