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The TSV's are way too long,  in my opinion.  Was watching Yesterday when the

Kitchensid Pro 600 came on, I had already seen this a few times so thought I'd

run in and take a shower, wash my hair, etc. and don't ya know that when I came out, 

KitchenAid Pro was still on. Too long!!

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The Halo presentations the other day went on and on. I change the channel, watched another show for a while, and when I turned back to QVC, that Halo item was still on! Tooooooooo long!

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That women is on all the time, her and others,can't qvc come up with other items?

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Tis the season for the most boring presentations of the year.

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I agree that the presentation of the TSV plus many other items go on too long. If it's fashion, they talk and talk but many times the host doesn't provide the important information such as sizing! They used to put up the measurements on screen while the host & vendor are blathering on but now not so much. If I have to go to the website to check the click here measurements, then watching the presentation on TV doesn't do much for me.


Like many of you, I change the channel, go do something else, etc. 

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I always dread this time of year on QVC.  Since before Thanksgiving day, Q has been unwatcheable for me.  So many boring items on all day long and repeated over and over and over again.  It seems this year is the worst its been in a really long time.  I will be very glad when all these gift giving shows are over.  I've actually been watching ShopHQ quite a bit lately. 

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That e-bike on HSN was on about 23.95 hours yesterday....EVERY time I looked, there it was!!!!


They push these TSVs to death to the point it turns you off from buying it...



Today it'll be that POLYESTER tiny throw they are calling a blanket, selling for three times what the OTHER larger polyester throws sell for due to the name.



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what I don't like is when they have shope that just have the a particular topic.  I don't want to watch the entire show ....If it's pertaining to a particular topic I like I will watch...if not I won't ...but I guess they want us to watch so we don't miss anything...but for just makes me not to watch at all.

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That's why I usually tape shows and only stop to watch what interests me. 

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QVC does not make money by being entertainment for anyone!  I purchased the mixer and did watch several.   presentations to get all the information on it.  If I just want to shop the many items QVC has I check out QVC online.   I would be willing to bet that the majority of the shoppers now are just either channel surfing or briefly checking items shown recently and (like me) do not have the time or need to want to watch QVC all day.  I like the longer and more frequent presentations of the TSV.  I saw how it works and was amazed at how much better than any mixer I have ever used it is.  I would have never have known all this.