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I wish hosts would give the length of the various shirts and blouses they sell.  I know I can get that info on the website but it would be nice to not have to do that.  It's a simple thing to do considering all the chatter that goes on about irrelevant things.

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Yes, yes, yes, I completely agree! 1 inch can make such a difference in how a top looks, I would love it if they would mention the length.

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I totally agree. I don't care for the longer tops.  I can get an idea of where they hit on the models but it would be very simple for them to tell us.  Stop with the silly talk and give us the facts.

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I agree.  I also would appreciate it if the models or hosts could say what size they are wearing.  If I (any of us) are of a similar shape, it's so helpful to see what size works on them.  I know Lisa Robertson always used to say what size she was wearing and how it was fitting her, which was so helpful to me.  You'd think the shopping channels would want to give as much info as possible to avoid so many returns.

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I also agree.  They should give the sizing immediately so we can understand what size we want before our color sells out.  The sizing on the sceen and the length verbally.  They sometimes show the bust sizing chart and sometimes they don't depending on the vendor.  I definately don't like the long tops because I am only 5'2" and have short legs  and everything long makes me look dumpy.  I prefer my tops to just hit my hip, not down below my stomach.   Also why would they not want returns when they are making loads of money on people returning things since they don't refund your original shipping.

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I agree!  I am tall, so I need a top that's a little longer.  If they would stop with the nonsese, silly facebook questions, etc, maybe we could get the info on the products.  I shouldn't have to get on the computer for basic info!  That's their job to tell us.  Not everyone has a computer or internet access to look it up.  It's quite annoying and frustrating with the things they say.  One of their choice descriptions is "It's a nice length".  Well, that tells me nothing.  It might  be a nice length on Susan Graver who keeps telling us she's 5'4" or a host that tells us she's the same.  Doesn't help a lot of viewers though. 


They should get priorities straight.  When they are on air, they should do the job of selling to the customer, presenting the items and giving them the details, not shopping for themselves.  Telling us what they want,what they like or where they're going to wear something doesn't help customers.  LOL, I wouldn't expect to go in a store and have the associate ignore me while she shops for herself. 

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I agree about the length. We all know that each wear a XXS though.

LOL  Even the bigger hosts still say they're a size 'L'....

It's their story and they're sticking to it no matter if they have gained 50 pds.


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I love joan rivers blouses  iam 5ft 5in and the tops are to long am not talking about boy friend shirt am talking about regular blouses they look like maternity tops please make them about 25 or 26 inches. Her blouses are the most beautiful ones on qvc but they are to long. I wear a size large and the length makes me look dumpy