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I don't understand why they keep dressing the Models and Hosts in clothing that is so small?  Showing all their lumps and bumps.  That looks terrible to me.


This is my opinion.

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For sure someone OKed them before they walked out.  

It is just that current fabrics are more elastic and current trends are more form fitting.  Bingo, we see more accurate body shape.


If we went back to traditional woven, thicker fabrics (with tailoring) we be forced into a looser fit.

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I sometimes see a model and they say so and so is wearing an extra large. Then I think wow, I guess I have to size up a size or 2 because it appears tight.

When the product is received, I have judged it wrong. Maybe because the model should have been in a bigger size, who knows? 

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All they have to do is put the correct size on the model or host & the problem is solved ...there is no reason to squeeze a model into a smaller size!!
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Re: Too Tight Clothing

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yes, why is there repetition of same ole same ole is a good question

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What some see as tight is a good fit and what is seen as too big fit is seen as a good fit by others.  The spandex and stretch is meant to be form fitting and not loose and hanging!! 

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Perhaps only certain sizes are made available, and the smaller models are not available for those particular segments.🤔 The show must go on.😊



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Some people prefer to wear their clothing form fitting and close to the body.  Others wear baggy clothing.

Still, there are those who like to wear their clothing not to tight and not baggy.


Everyone is different and we all have different body shapes and styles.  Sometimes because of your shape, you have to choose between fitting at the hips and having the waist line gapping or having the garment fit at the waist and being tight in the hip area....for one example.


I don't get worked about about it.  QVC has no models who are shaped like me and never have.  In fact, I have never seen a model anywhere with my body type.


I always try to see if the garmet measurements are listed on line and go by that.


I think lots of people wear clothing that doesn't flatter them...either the wrong style, wrong color, or wrong size.  

And, I think all of us have made wrong choices on occasion.  As long as we are not exposed and in danger of getting arrested, it's no big deal.



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When hosts lie about their own size, I totally discount what they say in any of their sales pitches 

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I've read reviews on several retail websites about clothing women purchased. I don't understand how someone weighing 160 lbs. wears a size 8, or someone weighing 180 wears a size 10, etc. no matter what body shape they are, so I'm not sure if what is posted is accurate sometimes. There's no shame in wearing any size; we're beautiful no matter what size we are.