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I agree the amount of time being spent on certain items is ridiculous. I find I am surfing to other channels and not returning to Q-just to boring.

Also, wish they would do away with all day theme days-be it cooking, beauty or fashion-too much of the same. I like variety!

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Re: TSV Presentations

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@Lila4Now wrote:

On today's Air Fryer, they showed the exact same recipes every time I caught it.  On an item like that they could at the very least cook different things each show!  Still, people aren't that dim, less yum-yum faces from the hosts, and more product info.  David wastes a good portion of presentations just showing colors.  



You know it's been a bad presentation when you go online to the item on the website and see all kinds of questions posted regarding the merchandise me that means the host/vendor didn't do a good job on the presentation on the features and how the product works....(and probably went through the colors once too often instead )

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