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Re: Susan Graver

Please lets not beat a dead horse!

"If its broke, God can fix it".....Joyce Meyer
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Re: Susan Graver

I'm quite happy with SG just the way she is.  I learn a lot more about the garment from her than I do from the hosts.  She's very knowledgeable and passionate about her offerings, and that's fine by me.

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Re: Susan Graver

@Shoooz wrote:
Would someone please suggest to Susan Graver that she stop talking over the hosts? I was watching this morning and she wouldn’t let Pat get through the colors available… She would interrupt after each color and go on and on about it. For the viewing Customer, we want to see what colors are available first and then you can go back and discuss them further. I’m sure I would purchase more Susan Graver items, but it is very hard for me to watch her and listen to her on the air. She just interrupts too much and doesn’t let the host get the information out to us that we want. Thank you.

Welcome to the forums @Shoooz, and good first post!. So what if this is a repeated complaint about Susan is the truth.  Just one of many reasons I don't watch her segments or purchase her clothes any longer. Life is to short to be aggravated by her. I just change the channel.

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Re: Susan Graver

Susan is one person I cannot watch.She will never stop talking,she makes money for qvc she thats how it will be.

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Re: Susan Graver

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Jeanlake: "1 post / visitor / and it's a complaint".


Yes, so finally Shoooz, or others found a place they can voice their displeasure with QVC. Who are you to criticize others thoughts, opinions? Happy 2019!

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Re: Susan Graver

: @Shoooz:  I hate to tell you're late to the party Smiley Tongue  The complaints about Susan Graver are years-long.  After all this time, things aren't likely to change. By the way, welcome to the boards! Smiley Happy

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Re: Susan Graver

I’ve been a QVC shopper for decades, and it doesn’t matter if my first time post is a complaint or a compliment. My complaint stands. Best wishes for a happy new year!
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Re: Susan Graver

SG isn't going to change.

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Re: Susan Graver

@Shooozwelcome to the boards. I find they are a great place to recieve information from the consumers of items I am interested in perhaps purchasing.


In regard to Susan Graver I agree with Codemom , Krimpette, & KathyM23. As a home seamstress I do appreciate hearing her explain why and how she designs her fashions. I find that she does design to compliment her customers. I have a hanger rod full of her coats .The coats are much better quality and color variety then what I have found in brick and mortar stores.


I just recently (from clearance /reduced prices) tried her liquid knit tops and I love them. To me it is a bit of a different fabrication Smiley Happy from other knits of the same mixture I have in other brands.


My lifestyle does not call for me to spend the $$s charged for her full priced items but I love finding a LTS or clearance item .


Does she have her quirks ? Yes. If it gets on my nerves too much I just look online.

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Re: Susan Graver

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