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Descriptions of Sizes:


At the start of the midnight presentation of the recent Belle TSV, sizes were not discussed at all. I know we should follow the size chart measurements, BUT it also helps to know what sizes the models we are watching are wearing. A lot of us can relate to some of the models, e.g. "If this size fits her it will work for me." 

And I LOVE it when they say which size one model is and leave the other standing there while the camera is on her and they're talking about something else! 

The TSV was selling fast. Colors and sizes should be THOROUGHLY discussed shortly after the start of the presentation.


Description of Colors 




"Red" doesn't help me. Is it a warm red or a cool red? Hosts and vendors should describe the color in detail, especially when it looks like one color in the QVC studio and another color in the vendor's home. 



 I posted in another thread about makeup shade descriptions. On a recent show, when we were introduced to a brand new line, neither the host nor the vendor described the foundation or concealer shades. We all found out what shade the host was wearing, but that didn't help me. I didn't need to hear how much her "celebrity clients" love her line. I wanted to figure out which of the two shades I was thinking about would be better. It helps to know what ALL of the models are wearing. 

In this particular presentation the vendor was helpful with her teaching tips, but she never discussed all of the colors and the host was responsible for making sure she did! I shouldn't have to go to the vendor's website or call to figure out the color for me! 


PLEASE cover these things at the beginning of the presentation- before the items sell out!

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Please also remember what you were taught in elementary school. If you're trying to say that some choices are more popular than others, you might want to add "ly" when you tell the audience "it's going quick."  

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One more. . .please remember that not everyone is going to get up from their chair or bed and run to their computer to see something that should be explained in the presentation. If I have to get up, especially if I am watching late at night in bed, to get a question answered, I am not ordering.

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Here's another.


I'd like to know the thickness of the fabric.  Thin, medium, thick.





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I like to see the sizing chart on the screen for all items since they vary with the line.  Sometimes it is not up and I am forced to turn on my computer to look.  There are still many people without computers so this would be helpful.

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Here's one that may only apply to me.   STOP the HALF TUCK!   I want to see how the garment actually looks.

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Also if you are modeling a sleeveless dress, don't wear a jacket for the whole presentation. I suspected they were covering up large armholes which turned out to be true when I read the reviews. I am very hesitant to order any sleeveless garments because showing my bra or layering in hot weather is not for me.

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AND, please show the back!

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Jane Treacy never can let go of any dumb phrase.  She is on with Isaac now and she keeps saying Sarah really loud. It is so annoying I am changing the channel.  I cannot stand all these dumb stories that are made up.

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Save all the personal stories for your friends.We are customers and are interested in the information about the product you are presenting.Please give us real information,so the product does not have to be returned,because you were relating a story,about yourself instead of giving us product information!!!