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I had the pleasure of watching Steve presenting this morning (8/13).  He was on at 7 am and was very calm, soft spoken, pleasant, and respectful of the vendors.  There was no crazy, out of control, non-stop jabbering and laughing about nothing. There was no hyper running around the room. He knew his products and was a delight to watch.  In my opinion, being David's 'Big Bite' taste tester and playing the fool for David, needs to come to an end. It has gone on far too long. It's a put-down to Steve, who deserves better.  Let Steve present on his own and give him the respect he deserves.  Just my opinion.

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He co-hosted with PJD this morning and did fine, though he was clearly the second fiddle.  I haven't seen him with David but that's because I don't watch David.

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Agreed. Have never seen him alone before.  The big bite nonsense is just that--am so over ITKWD anymore--don't watch him ever. He needs to get off the soap box too.

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@docsgirl, and everyone,

 I also watched Steve this morning and he is just so enjoyable to watch.

I too think he belongs on his own, he definitely has what it takes to be an excellent QVC host!

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I have seen him host on his own mamy times...mostly make-up and jewelry.



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Steve is a host of his own shows.  He's mostly on Q2.  He is wasted on the ITKWD show.  It's like a puppy dog when you say "here's your treat" and he comes running.  I don't watch David anymore because of the same routine over and over.  I think Steve is one of the best new hosts along with the new guy, I think it's JT.   

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it's ridiculous how David has him eat the food so he doesn't cause of his no carb thing !!  If you can't comply with your job requirements then you shouldn't be able to present them in your show or another host like Steve should do them !

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As far as , 3 of the new Hosts that I have seen , he's better than they are doing a solo show on products .  Can't stand any of the shows with David using him as part of a comedy routine . Have to say he's easier to watch when he is solo than some of the other Hosts that have been there for Years ! Some of the  Hosts need to move on...

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I watched Steve when he was alone this morning, too.  He did a great job.  No idiotic laughing and screaming.  Just calm presentations with info.


I, too, wish they would do away w/him on David's show.  It seems like he is made to be a food taster slave Smiley Sad.........I think it's demeaning to him.

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He does a lot of his own shows on Q2 and Q3 and he does a lot of online shows.  He's not JUST David's sidekick.  I like him, I never watch food shows but I've seen him a lot.