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Re: Shipping costs unreasonable!

Doesn’t sounds like a good fit for either parties. If I had to return “a lot” I would think twice about buying here. 

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Re: Shipping costs unreasonable!

@sbh59 wrote:

Ignore the snarky responses.  You're as entitled to your opinion as they are to theirs.


I can usually find a comparable but better quality items elsewhere for less money, with a promo code, with free shipping, etc.  Q is not known for competitive pricing.  There are lots of reputable women's clothing and other websites - just be sure they're reputable.  Even sites like Lands End and Kohl's are cheaper than Q with most of their promo codes.  Right now, LE is offering 40% off regular priced items.  They had a promo code for sale priced items the other day too. If they don't have the promo code you need, just wait a few days and they likely will.


Good luck to you.



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Re: Shipping costs unreasonable!

QVC, has average return policies, but very expensive. But the main issue for most is the amount of time it takes to process a return, it makes you wonder if they can't afford to hire good people. I think it causes people to lose confidence.

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Re: Shipping costs unreasonable!

I agree with the outrageous shipping and handling costs.  Last night a purse shipping was 12 dollars or more.  By the time you check out, the cost of the item is the same as going to the store.  There are few deals to be had on this site.