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As for shoe purchases, I recommend Free shipping over $50 (or if you purchase 2 or more items). Most items are great prices. However, you don't get free return shipping. You have to pay for that. That's the downside to that. 


As for your question on a shipping club similar to Amazon Prime or Walmart +, no, I wouldn't pay a separate price. I don't buy enough off QVC to justify such a cost. I, as well, buy on free shipping days. I rarely have to return items. 

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I don't subscribe to prime with Amazon and try not to purchase from them due to how they treat their warehouse employees.


As for shoes, I was really interested in some Clarks priced at QVC for $75 and searched online and was able to purchase the same shoes for $53.  I liked them so much, I ended up going directly to Clarks and getting the other two colors for about the same $53 price.


As for shipping, I have hesitated to purchase when the shipping is $5.50 for a small inexpensive item (like lock n lock) and try to get those items on free shipping day, and if I forget or they are sold out, no big deal for me.


I would like for it to be free shipping on the 2nd item (if purchasing duplicates), or free shipping if over $50 in the total purchase, or similar, but I doubt that will ever happen.


It's really kind of shocking how much it costs to ship items now if you go to the post office or UPS to ship an item.  However, due to the volume, QVC is getting huge discounts from their shipping vendors, and even if it's "break even", I'm sure they wouldn't want to lose that revenue. 



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For some reason I assumed handbags were included in the 3.50 to 5.50 range.  So I checked a D&B, 11.47.  

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@depglass Yeah, you would think when you spend that much money, you would get free S&H!!!

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Re: Shipping Club

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I rarely buy from Q anymore...but they should at the very least offer free shipping over $50...almost every site offers free shipping with a minimum order amount. Q is one of the last hold-outs in not offering free or even reduced shipping...and returns? They just make it so expensive, they hope you will just keep the item or give it away. According to reviews, many do just that. No way would a shipping membership club happen at QVC. They are making far too much money the way they currently have it set up. The customer pays shipping both ways, and Q pays nothing.