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Love Kim’s pants but if you’re not on top of it, they’re gone. If I order one pair and like them, getting more of the paid I like is almost impossible. You don’t know if you’ll like them until you can try them on. And QVC frowns on too many returns. QVC says try it and return it if you don’t like it, but they don’t like the returns even though we pay the return shipping. I know, I got a letter telling me my percentage of returns and I should do a better job shopping, basically. Makes me not want to shop at QVC
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I agree with you regarding Kim's pants.  I have 3 pair of different flexibelle styles and have never been able to re-order due to no stock after having bought the first pair.  
I also agree that QVC should stop promoting free exchanges, especially with the current supply chain issues.  They simply never have stock.

Now, when I order anything from QVC, my plan is to keep it.  I shop only clothing brands I am sure of and if for some reason the item does not work for me, I will donate it.  

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@gracesc @racada I agree with both of you.yes,qvc hosts always say,try this item for 30 days.if not happy,return.then when this happens,you get scolded for it.someone mentioned using the size chart before ordering.this doesn't always work,it's best to try on in a department store if you can

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Free Returns is an obvious marketing ploy. Of course colors, sizes will often not be available. Common sense.
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I agree her flexibelle jeans are the only jeans I have and buy now.  If I dont get them immediately they are gone.  If I miss out I have to wait for months for them to be in stock, especially the straight leg or boot cut.

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Wonder if someone can help me on sizing with Kim's and all the stretch style jeans....


The host may say how tall they or a model is and what size they're wearing, however, I need to know their hip measurements to relate the garment measurement to their size selection. . .not how tall they are.


I keep wondering if you select a slightly smaller hip/waist size since they stretch, or do you match your hip/waist size to the garment size.


I hope my question makes sense and I thank you all in advance.


Regards..Cat Happy

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I always go a bit (1 inches)bigger because I don't like them tight. I find her pants true to size but they are always shorter than the garment measurements say, several times this has happened by over an inch- And I don't have long legs, but the pants , still too short! 
Lately they are just snapped up in 2 seconds after presented! 

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Thank you for your reply Skye2girl.


I don't like anything I wear tight either.  And yes, I have seen Kim's pants/jeans fly out before I can make a decision.


Also interesting about the shorter lengths than indicated.  Seems clothing can be a gamble.


Appreciate your feedback.Cat Happy

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Again last night Kim had several pants and I missed out on the one I wanted to try.  Frustrating is they each had different hip measurements so you have to check.


Why doesn't Courtney ever say what size she's wearing?  I for one never hear her say.


There is NO help given with sizing.  Therefore, no sales from me.Cat Frustrated

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Wow.   I didn't know QVC would send a "Dear John" letter terminating the relationship!

I've been shopping with HSN a long time and remember in the late 1980's sending too many pieces of jewelry back and they suspended my account!  LoL


I don't even try to exchange anything anymore.  By the time they get my return, the color/size I want is sold out, so I just immediately buy what I need and eat the shipping costs.