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Watching the last show for the rugs why can't  they bring back the patterns from the past rugs?  I have 7 from many many years ago and love them. I would buy more if they still had them.. But, not these new patterns.

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I saw a few minutes of the show yesterday or Friday and all I could think of was how dated they look.  How do they ever sell them and why don't they do some contemporary designs?  They were always good quality but why don't they update them?

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I didn't like any of the patterns this time either...

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I agree they all look dated and would not look right anywhere in my home. Disappointed since I bought a large one years ago and it was stylish and wore well. 

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I have several Royal Palace rugs that I bought abt 20 yrs ago. I looked and  QVC did not have any rug now that would  work with  my carpets .

 The last time I heard the Royal Palace Rep said that they Only sell to QVC ! So, how do they stay in business with such a limited inventory of styles


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I didn't believe that comment about "selling only to QVC" at all. Those rugs are made in China and probably sold world-wide. Who knows what part of the world is currently happy with dark brown interiors? I cannot imagine or how have they stayed in business?


The last 10-15 years they have not produced anything worthy of purchasing and placing in a contemporary or classic US home . . . or even a pared down home with really inexpensive hardwood floors to soften the noise.

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Maybe they sell under a different name. I purchased a large one years ago, and while it stood the test of time, it is now very outdated. I really wish they would revamp their line!


We need some new patterns and some solids as well. Not everyone wants a patterned rug..They have agreat quality, but desperately need to be updated!


I can't believe they would be able to stay in business just selling on QVC...They aren't even on very often anymore....